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Transponder chip key?

A key with a transponder chip means that is has a radio transmitter in the key that works with the car’s computer using a wireless system to determine that it is the original key, thus starting your car.  Key 4 Less can program your specific transponder chip key to your unique vehicle.  

Construction master key

A key normally used by construction personnel for a temporary period during building construction. It may be rendered permanently inoperative without disassembling the cylinder.

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Customer Testimonials

I was in such a hurry to finish all my errands that when I got to the supermarket I ran out of the car, slammed the door, and of course left my keys on the driver’s seat with the doors locked! Luckily I had my I-Phone and Googled the nearest locksmith. The locksmith showed up in 20 minutes, opened my door in 5 minutes, and I was on my way in no time. Not only was he fast, but he was super nice and funny too.  Thanks for the quick help!  Jessica L., Walnut Creek, CA

My purse was stolen after a girl’s night out on the town. It was past midnight on a Saturday night. I was so freaked out!! Either locksmiths weren't open at that hour, or they couldn't make keys after normal business hours.  This locksmith was the only one who could help me!!  It took under an hour, cost less than I expected for an emergency after midnight, and he made me a key for my 1997 Honda Civic.  WOW, I was so relieved after this crazy situation.  I kept his card for any other emergencies. 
Anne D., Oakland, CA

 I bought a car from an auction. There was no record of the Vehicle Identification Number and it had NO keys. These guys handled the situation like pros!  They said the ignition had to be changed. He went to his warehouse, gathered the right parts and finished the job the same day, I was so impressed!!! Recommend! Thanks.  William S., Elk Grove, CA

I came back from vacation and realized I left my house keys at my sister's house in Atlanta. So I was locked out of my own house.  I was so tired after a long day of traveling. Luckily, the locksmith was nearby.  He arrived in less than 30 minutes and had my door opened in under 10 minutes.  I thanked him a million times for his fast and courteous service. It took less time than waiting for my luggage at the baggage claim!  Janet S., San Leandro, CA

I bought a foreclosure home in a decent neighborhood.  My Realtor recommended this locksmith.  She said he's done a lot of work for her other properties.  I like good referrals and never book a service professional without a personal reference.  She was right, they were great.  He changed all the home locks and even checked the doors to make sure they were secure.  He threw in some extra key duplication for free because of the referral from the Realtor. Nice guy thanks.  Angela R., Antioch, CA

Unfortunately I had to let an employee go for stealing products. Immediately I knew I had to change the center of the locks so the old key wouldn't work.  I was lucky to get a same day appointment.  He even came AFTER my store was closed at 8p.m. so my customers wouldn't be disturbed.  He changed all the locks to work on a new key.  I was happy to know that the dismissed employee couldn't get it.  I appreciate your same day and after hours service.  Randall R., Fremont, CA

I own an apartment complex.  I hate to say so, but sometimes tenant evictions happen. When the Sheriff is involved, they give a window of time as to when they can show up.  I call my locksmith about an hour before and every time he shows up when I need him!  That is priceless!! So I definitely recommend his fast service.  He is a true professional dedicated to customer service.  I call him every time!  
Kristina G., San Pablo, CA 

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