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Transponder chip key?

A key with a transponder chip means that is has a radio transmitter in the key that works with the car’s computer using a wireless system to determine that it is the original key, thus starting your car.  Key 4 Less can program your specific transponder chip key to your unique vehicle.  

Construction master key

A key normally used by construction personnel for a temporary period during building construction. It may be rendered permanently inoperative without disassembling the cylinder.

Customer Testimonials

I bought a car from an auction.  There was no record of the Vehicle Identification Number and it had NO keys.  These guys handled the situation like pros!  They said the ignition had to be changed.  He went to his warehouse.
William S., Elk Grove, CA

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Glossary of Locksmith Terms

Thank you to the Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council for the following terms:

access control

n. any barrier or device, either natural or manmade, that limits or prohibits, free or unlimited access

access control cylinder

n. a replacement for a mechanical cylinder which incorporates electronic access control and allows the original host lock to function without additional wiring or hardware modifications

access control key fob

n. any device other than a key designed to allow a token to be used and carried on a key ring

accessory position

n. the position of an ignition switch intended to permit the use of radio or other equipment without turning on a drive train component

active case

n. the exit device case mounted on the stile of the door on which the lock is located

active leaf

n. the single door of a pair on which the active or locking hardware is mounted

active relocking device

n. a device that places its bolts every time a safe door is closed and activation via attack prevents it from retracting its bolts

active retainer

n. 1. a cylinder retaining mechanism which requires that the plug be rotated before the cylinder can be removed, 2. a plug retaining mechanism which requires that the plug be rotated before the retainer can be removed

active plug retainer

n. one in which the plug must be turned before the device may be released or removed 


n. a device, usually connected to a cylinder, which, when activated, may cause a lock mechanism to operate

adjustable ball hinge

n. a pivot with adjustable height for narrow stile doors

adjustable collar

n. a spring-loaded cylinder collar which can fill a range of gaps between the cylinder head and the door or escutcheon surface

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