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Transponder chip key?

A key with a transponder chip means that is has a radio transmitter in the key that works with the car’s computer using a wireless system to determine that it is the original key, thus starting your car.  Key 4 Less can program your specific transponder chip key to your unique vehicle.  

Customer Testimonials

I bought a car from an auction.  There was no record of the Vehicle Identification Number and it had NO keys.  These guys handled the situation like pros!  They said the ignition had to be changed.  He went to his warehouse.
William S., Elk Grove, CA

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Frequently asked questions

Q:  When should I call 9-1-1 and when should I call for a locksmith?

A:  Call 9-1-1 if your children are locked in the car or home and they are too young to open the lock.  Besides that, call for a locksmith, the police will not respond to a non-emergency lock out situation.

Q:  Why should I call for a professional locksmith?

A:  Key 4 Less locksmiths are licensed and insured professionals who are qualified with the correct tools to solve your locksmithing issues. It’s better to have a professional open your car or home lock, rather than an inexperienced friend who may accidently damage your locks.  That will cost you more money to fix the damages!

Q:  I just bought a new home or moved into a new rental property, should I have the locks re-keyed?

A:  Absolutely!  Many people are involved in the buying, selling, and renting of properties and they may still have the keys to your new home.  To ensure your safety, and to know YOU are the only one with the keys to your home, call Key 4 Less to re-key all the locks in your new home. 

Q:  What is the difference between a lock change and a re-key?

A:  When a locksmith comes to your home or business to re-key, that means they will change the core of the lock so that it works to new key.  If you want your locks changed, the entire lock itself will be removed and replaced.  Many people want to keep their existing locks and have the center changed (re-key).  However if you have old or damaged locks, it is recommended to change the locks.  A Key 4 Less locksmith can assist you in deciding what is best for your locks. 

Q:  Help!  I lost my car keys!  What should I expect?

A:  Call Key 4 Less anytime (yes 24/7!).  Be ready to provide the make, model, and year of your car.  For example, “Hi, I lost the keys to my 2001 Honda Civic.”   Our locksmiths have access to all the high tech tools involved in creating a new key for your car.   Our locksmith may need your 17-digit VIN (located on your car title or on a metal plate on the dashboard) in order to create the exact key for your car.  We are also able to create keys for transponder chip keys, VAT system car keys, and also change the ignition in order to create you a new car key.  Key 4 Less can help you with your lost or stolen car keys!

Q:  I bought a car at an auction and don’t have any keys, can you help?

A:  Yes!  Key 4 Less can create you new car keys for your auction-bought car. 

Q:  Do I need to schedule an appointment?  How about weekends?

A:  Key 4 Less is available for business 24/7.  We respond to emergency calls, such as lockouts, at all times.  We would also be very happy to schedule an appointment with you for any home, business, or automotive lock and key needs.  YES, we work weekends and after hours!

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