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Transponder chip key?

A key with a transponder chip means that is has a radio transmitter in the key that works with the car’s computer using a wireless system to determine that it is the original key, thus starting your car.  Key 4 Less can program your specific transponder chip key to your unique vehicle.

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I bought a car from an auction.  There was no record of the Vehicle Identification Number and it had NO keys.  These guys handled the situation like pros!  They said the ignition had to be changed.  He went to his warehouse.
William S., Elk Grove, CA

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Break in Repair in San Francisco

It’s a shocking experience to realize your home was broken into, vandalized, and belongings stolen. It can be scary, frustrating, and upsetting to you, your family, and even your neighbors. Your safety is the first thing to consider. Let’s look at what to do after a break in happens.

1. Contact the police

Go to your neighbor’s house, or use your cell phone. Don’t touch items in your house just yet. Wait for the police to arrive to assess the situation.

2. Make a list of stolen items.  

Thoroughly look through your home for items that are missing, damaged, moved, or otherwise suspicious. Look everywhere! Write everything down. Check odd places like medicine cabinets and drawers. 

3. Check your personal identification

Locate your Social Security card, any credit cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificate, school or work identification, or other id forms from within the home. If any pertinent documents are missing report that to the police and call the corresponding persons to process the information.

4. Call your insurance company.

With a police report and your list of missing and or damaged items, call your insurance to file a claim and see how they can assist you.

5. Tell your neighbors and friends

They should be alerted to any trouble in the neighborhood and be aware of the security risk.

6. Repair damages to doors

Call Key 4 Less Locksmith to come to your home to assess the damages. You will probably want to change or rekey the locks on all your doors and windows. This way you will know that if the thief has any of your pre existing keys, they will not work on the door. Check for missing car keys or did you hold onto your neighbor’s house key? Tell your neighbor if any key you had for them is now missing. Talk to the professional locksmith about all your options: do you need to upgrade to high security locks? Are you considering installing a home alarm system? Do you need a home safe for valuables? Schedule an appointment with the locksmith to discuss the level of damages and what steps to take to ensure your home safety and security.

A home break in can be a horrifying experience.  However, be smart, and call the police. After that, plan on calling a locksmith to prevent further break-ins and to protect your home. Your safety and security is our goal. Call Key 4 Less Locksmith anytime day or night for a break-in assessment. 

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